Torstaff Personnel is a firm of professional recruiters dedicated to providing you an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and help you find your next challenging position. If you are working in the fields of: finance, IT, engineering, HR and administration we would love to connect with you! If you are interested in working for clients in any of the following industries: entertainment, real estate, telecommunications, manufacturing, and retail sectors, many of whom are listed on the Fortune 500, we would love to connect with you!

Whether you are looking for permanent, full time, part time, contract, or temporary work, we are here to help!

The purpose of Torstaff is to act as an intermediary in matching the right candidate, with the right position. We facilitate the hiring process and increase the probability of a successful position-applicant match.

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What People Say?


I have worked with Torstaff in the past and I highly recommend their services! They were very supportive and helped guide me through the whole process.

Jennifer Keling

I had a great experience with Torstaff. I was lucky enough to get some pointers on my resume and help applying to a job that I really wanted. I ended up getting hired.

John Burgundy

Extremely pleasant experience with this recruitment agency. Angela was super helpful and able to set me up with in an interview just days after reaching out. Very friendly and professional! Thanks!

Nick Roberts